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Welcome to Ural Auto FZE, a leading distributor of trucks and spare parts in Middle East and Africa. Ural specializes in all wheel trucks for tougher roads and severe weather conditions especially used in the construction, rigs and mining areas. We are proud to represent URAL Automobile Works JSC (Russia) as an agent and distributor for bulk orders mainly in Africa.

URAL Automobile Works JSC has a strong history of 75 years and the company was made a commercial business in 2001 incorporated by GAZ Group in Russia. The main distinguishing features of the trucks belonging to the URAL vehicle family are high off-road capability move across snowed-up virgin terrain down to 1metre deep, to operate efficiently at ambient temperatures ranging from –50°С to +50°С. The trucks are service friendly and are intended for open-air storage.

High off-road capability, big carrying capacity, reliability and easy technical maintenance have made the URAL trucks to be a choice of heavy trucks for different industries. Clients include major Oil and Gas companies as well as Governments. A few hundreds of special-purpose vehicle models, like shift-team buses, truck cranes, fire-fighting vehicles, mobile repair workshops, various plants for oil & gas and timber complexes, mining industry and public utilities are mounted onto the URAL chassis. The family of the URAL vehicles have high quality parts that allows reducing maintenance and operational expenses.


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We believe that once you are the proud owner of a product from us, we become your permanent partners to help you with all aspects of service/maintenance and spare part requirements. Our staff have years of experience and expertise to help you out with your requirements.

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Ural Auto FZE is established as a free zone entity based out of United Arab Emirates. The founding team has years of experience in the heavy truck and equipment business.

The company has affiliate business entities in Russia as well as Ethiopia for managing the efforts of procurement and sales.

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